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Festive Beauty Surprises: Top Makeup Advent Calendars of the Year

Introduction to Makeup Advent Calendars

A beautiful advent calendar is a great way to count down to Christmas throughout the holiday season of joy, celebration, and giving. Beauty lovers worldwide love makeup advent calendars for their every day delights. These calendars are beautiful and a great way to discover new goods, companies, and trends. There’s a cosmetics advent calendar for everyone, from beginners to experts. This article will discuss the year’s most fabulous cosmetics advent calendars, their unique offers, and why they’re worth the money.

The History and Evolution of Advent Calendars

German advent calendars have a rich history since the 19th century. The first calendars were essential and handcrafted, with paintings, poetry, or religious objects behind each door. In the early 20th century, printed advent calendars with miniature windows opened to display images or Bible texts were popular.

Modern advent calendars, especially beauty-themed ones, have elevated this custom. Since the first beauty advent calendar was produced in the early 2000s, it has become a popular yearly event. Brands saw the enthusiasm and engagement these calendars produced and increased their inventiveness and diversity. Today, cosmetics advent calendars are about everyday fun, discovery, and indulgence, not just counting down to Christmas.

What to Look for in a Makeup Advent Calendar

Given the countless cosmetics advent calendar possibilities, choosing one might be difficult. To select the finest one for your needs, consider these factors:

  1. Brand Reputation: Choose high-quality calendars from trusted companies. Calendars typically feature bestsellers and exclusives from well-known businesses.
  2. Product Variety: Calendars with skincare, cosmetics, and beauty equipment should be available. This variation gives you a complete beauty experience.
  3. Value for Money: Compare the calendar’s items’ worth to their price. Calendars often provide things worth far more than their cost.
  4. Size and Quantity: Check the calendar’s door/window count. Some advent calendars feature less than 24. Some goods may be full-sized, while others may be luxury samples or minis.
  5. Theme and Packaging: Attractive and themed packaging may make opening each door more exciting. Limited-edition or holiday-themed calendar packaging boosts their desirability.
  6. Exclusive Products: Advent calendars may feature limited-edition goods that cannot be purchased separately. These unusual accessories can enhance the calendar.
  7. Reviews and Ratings: To determine the calendar’s popularity and satisfaction, read customer evaluations and ratings.

Top Makeup Advent Calendars of the Year

1. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Advent Calendar

Charlotte Tilbury’s advent calendar is a beauty staple. This calendar’s elegant packaging and high-quality ingredients ensure a stylish Christmas countdown.

What’s Inside: The calendar usually includes full-sized and travel-sized goods, like the Magic Cream, Pillow Talk Lipstick, and eyeshadows and blushes.

Why It’s Special: Products from Charlotte Tilbury are known for their quality and performance. Brand aficionados are drawn to the advent calendar for its exclusive goodies and new releases. The sophisticated packaging makes it a lovely gift or treat.

Value for Money: Despite its hefty price, the calendar contains high-end goods worth considerably more separately. For Charlotte Tilbury fans, the full-sized items make it a great buy.

Customer Reviews: Users love the opulent feel and high-quality items. Reviews emphasize the packaging’s intricacy and the daily thrill of discovering a new product.

2. Sephora Collection Advent Calendar

Sephora’s advent calendar is packed with cosmetics, skincare, and beauty accessories. It’s great for trying new brands and goods.

What’s Inside: This calendar usually includes tiny and full-sized lipsticks, mascaras, skincare, and beauty accessories. The selection is based on Sephora’s broad in-house inventory and popular brands.

Why It’s Special: Variety and inclusion distinguish the Sephora Collection Advent Calendar. It’s excellent for beauty lovers because it’s created for a broad audience. The calendar regularly features trendy products, letting people try new things and find new favorites.

Value for Money: Priced reasonably, the calendar offers excellent value by providing various goods that surpass its cost. It’s a cheap method to test cosmetic items before buying full-size ones.

Customer Reviews: User reviews praise the goods’ range and quality. The response emphasizes the calendar’s worth and the daily thrill of discovering a new item.

3. Lookfantastic Beauty Advent Calendar

Lookfantastic’s advent calendar features luxury beauty goods. It’s meant to be sumptuous and satisfying over the holidays.

What’s Inside: The calendar features luxury skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. Look for Elemis, Philip Kingsley, and others. The assortment includes full-sized and deluxe samples.

Why It’s Special: Lookfantastic’s advent calendar is recognized for its value and high products. High-quality beauty product lovers looking for new favorites will love it. The calendar generally features the year’s top cosmetics launches, making it anticipated.

Value for Money: Products worth several times the calendar’s price make it a great deal. It’s a great way to explore expensive beauty items without buying them separately.

Customer Reviews: Users adore the opulent feel and high-quality items. Many admire the calendar’s design and the exhilaration of uncovering each piece. Several reviewers praise pricing and the chance to test premium products.

4. Cult Beauty Advent Calendar

Beauty lovers will appreciate Cult Beauty’s advent calendar. It showcases the industry’s top goods. The calendar provides a premium beauty experience with quality and creativity.

What’s Inside: This calendar includes full-sized and deluxe samples from leading companies. Cult classics and new companies sell skincare, cosmetics, and haircare.

Why It’s Special: The advent calendar represents Cult Beauty’s meticulous product selection. The collection is meticulously selected to showcase the most incredible beauty, making every piece stand out. Including renowned and emerging brands makes it lively and vibrant.

Value for Money: The calendar is worth far more than the purchasing price. It’s an excellent method to try several high-quality things without spending much.

Customer Reviews: Reviews praise the items’ quality and diversity. Many praise the calendar’s careful selection and the thrill of discovering new favorites. The calendar’s premium packaging and design are trendy.

The Appeal of Makeup Advent Calendars

Makeup advent calendars blend the joy of the holidays with the excitement of finding new beauty items. This everyday habit adds to the festive atmosphere with new surprises. These calendars highlight cosmetics and skincare for beauty lovers, not simply Christmas.

Makeup advent calendars are great for trying new brands and products without buying full-sized ones. This appeals to beauty trendsetters. Calendars with unique or limited-edition goods are even more valuable.

Packaging and appearance make cosmetics advent calendars appealing. Brands spend a lot of time designing festive calendars that are fun to display and open. The suspense of introducing a new product each day makes the Christmas countdown fun and unforgettable.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Makeup Advent Calendar

  1. Start Early: Popular advent calendars sell out quickly, so start searching early. Get notifications from your favorite companies and watch for release dates to avoid missing out.
  2. Unboxing Experience: Enjoy each day’s revelation to enhance your unpacking experience. Share your unwrapping with friends or on social media to enhance excitement.
  3. Product Use: Use your products in your everyday beauty regimen to maximize their use. This is a great chance to try different styles.
  4. Gift Ideas: Give gifts to friends and family if you don’t need them. Cosmetic advent calendars are a fun way to spread Christmas cheer.
  5. Storage Solutions: A storage solution with several components is essential for advent calendars. Organize your new cosmetic products for convenient usage.


Makeup advent calendars are a fun holiday tradition. They combine excitement, exploration, and pleasure, making them essential for beauty lovers. Makeup advent calendars come in many varieties to suit every taste. These calendars provide great value and a memorable Christmas countdown, from luxury brands to economical and inclusive selections. Enjoy uncovering new beauty treasures daily as you browse the most significant cosmetics advent calendars of the year.

FAQs: Makeup Advent Calendar

What is a makeup advent calendar?

Makeup advent calendars are for beauty lovers. Instead of chocolates or gifts, each door holds cosmetics and beauty goods for each day before Christmas.

What kinds of products can be found in a makeup advent calendar?

Lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, skincare, nail polishes, brushes, and limited-edition goods can be in makeup advent calendars.

Are makeup advent calendars worth the investment?

Makeup advent calendars are popular owing to their diversity and value. They let you experience luxury brands and innovative things at a discount.

When do makeup advent calendars typically become available for purchase?

Makeup advent calendars are typically produced in September or October to enable time for shopping before the advent season begins on December 1.

How do I choose the best makeup advent calendar?

Consider your budget, brand preferences, and product usage. Reading reviews and watching old unboxing videos might also help you decide.

Can I make my makeup advent calendar?

Buy little beauty products and put them in a DIY advent calendar box to build a cosmetics advent calendar. This adds personalization and features your favorite goods.

Do makeup advent calendars come in different price ranges?

Makeup advent calendars range from $50 to several hundred dollars. There are budget-friendly solutions.

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