Top 10 Phun Celebrity Pranks You Won’t Believe

Phun Celebrities are linked with glamour, luxury, and perfect behaviour in public. Many celebrities like pulling intricate pranks on friends, coworkers, and fans behind the scenes. These pranks may be amusing and show fans a different side of celebrities. This post will discuss 10 of the most hilarious phun celebrity pranks. These hilarious pranks show our favourite actors’ inventive and occasionally wicked brains.

1. George Clooney’s Infamous Roommate Pranks

George Clooney is famous for his acting and pranks in Hollywood. Clooney’s roommate, actor Richard Kind, started his prankster image. Clooney spotted Kind’s cat’s rusting litter box while living with him as a struggling actor. I thought his cat wasn’t using the litter box since Clooney cleaned it regularly for weeks. Kind became worried and took the cat to the doctor. Clooney defecated in the litter box to finish the trick, shocking Kind with the big “deposit.” Clooney’s comic timing and patience shine in this fantastic prank.

On the “Ocean’s Eleven set,” Clooney added to his pranking. He fabricated a press statement saying Brad Pitt insisted on a particular airline chair on site. Everyone made fun of Pitt’s diva behaviour. Clooney’s pranks’ surprise and unknowing participation make them memorable and enjoyable (except for the victim). 

2. Ellen DeGeneres’ Office Scares

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her fright pranks, notably on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” DeGeneres enjoys having scary-costumed visitors pop out of unexpected locations. One of her most famous pranks included Taylor Swift. Ellen made a ghost pop out of a restroom to terrify Taylor, who screamed and giggled. This amusing prank showed Swift’s excellent spirit and willingness to laugh at herself.

Besides guests, DeGeneres pranks her crew. She hides cameras around the office and creates intricate situations to terrify her staff. A prank entailed putting an employee inside a haunted house while narrating and adding terror through concealed speakers. Her show’s pranks provide viewers with many chuckles and prove that comedy and playfulness are acceptable in the workplace.

3. Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” Shenanigans

The show “Punk’d,” hosted by Ashton Kutcher, popularized celebrity pranking. The show was a smash for several seasons, making Kutcher the celebrity prank king. Justin Timberlake’s prank was remarkable. Kutcher and his crew convinced Timberlake that the IRS was taking his house and assets for unpaid taxes. Timberlake seemed distraught and on the edge of tears until Kutcher disclosed the joke, causing him to chuckle and express relief.

Another memorable “Punk’d” episode included Beyoncé. Kutcher arranged for Beyoncé to light the Christmas tree at a charity event. She was ready to fire the tree when the building fell, spoiling the celebration. After Kutcher exposed the trick, Beyoncé laughed and seemed relieved. “Punk’d” showed celebrities’ willingness to prank each other, frequently ending in amusing and heartwarming events. 

4. Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Pranks

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jimmy Kimmel typically invites parents to inform their kids they ate all their Halloween candy and videotape their responses. This yearly hoax and its dramatic and amusing replies by children who think their candy hoard has been eaten are beloved. The prank shows kids’ true feelings, from tears to tantrums to surprise forgiveness.

Kimmel’s Halloween candy trick shows children’s innocence and emotional attachment to their candy. Kimmel ensures the prank is entertaining and shows the kids that candy was never eaten. Pranks may be funny and heartwarming, as seen by his show’s annual Halloween prank. 

5. Rihanna’s “Scary Mary” Prank on Jimmy Kimmel

Pop artist Rihanna once swapped places with Jimmy Kimmel. Rihanna and her entourage broke into Kimmel’s residence as he slept for April Fool’s Day. They then played “Bitch Better Have My Money” with strobe lights and confetti. Kimmel danced with Rihanna and her team after being confused and amused.

This prank highlighted Rihanna’s fun and mischievous side, making it unforgettable. It showed Kimmel’s capacity to laugh at himself, cementing their regard and friendship. Fans loved the prank, which went viral, showing that celebrities like to surprise each other. 

6. Justin Bieber’s Phone Hack Prank on Ellen

Justin Bieber, a talented musician and prankster, pranked Ellen DeGeneres. Bieber and Ellen pretended to hack Ellen’s phone on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Bieber emailed Ellen’s superstar friends Rihanna and Lady Gaga with odd inquiries and jokes.

Receivers laughed, with some celebs playing along and others confused. This hilarious prank showed Bieber’s humor and willingness to mock himself and his buddies. It also showed how tight the celebrity community is, accepting even the most absurd statements. 

7. Adele’s Jamba Juice Prank

Adele and Ellen DeGeneres pulled a funny Jamba Juice prank. Adele ordered a smoothie wearing Ellen’s earpiece and had to say and do strange things. Adele’s antics confused store staff, from eating wheatgrass to ordering a smoothie without fruits or vegetables.

This prank was fantastic since Adele braved her humorous side. Her deadpan delivery and the employees’ reactions made the segment amusing. It also showed Ellen’s ability to create unexpected and funny situations, making it a celebrity prank classic.

8. Matt Damon Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel’s Show

The “feud” between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel has been a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” humour for years. It began when Kimmel ended his broadcasts with “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” Damon played revenge with one of late-night television’s most creative pranks.

Damon hosted a complete episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” trapping Kimmel in his dressing room. His celebrity guests were Ben Affleck, Robin Williams, and Sheryl Crow. The program was full of laughs, Kimmel digs, and celebrity friendships.

This prank showed Damon’s comic talent and determination to go all out for a laugh by turning a long-running joke into an event. It also showed Kimmel and Damon’s closeness and ability to amuse with their lighthearted competition. 

9. Jennifer Lawrence’s Lying Game with Vanity Fair

In a Vanity Fair interview, Jennifer Lawrence pretended to lie about her life and work. She exaggerated having dolphins and speaking various languages. Lawrence was pulling his leg, which surprised the interviewer.

Lawrence showed off his wit, humour, and ability to improvise and stay calm in this prank. It also reminded us not to trust celebrities’ interviews. Lawrence played pranks with fans and the media to prove that even in important interviews, you can have fun. 

10. Zac Efron’s Tanning Prank on the Set of “Baywatch”

On “Baywatch,” Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played pranks together. An unforgettable prank featured Efron fiddling with Johnson’s tanning lotion. The self-tanner Efron used instead of Johnson’s made him seem orange. Johnson noted for his flawless looks, was oblivious to the prank and strolled the set with an overdone tan.

The prank showed Efron and Johnson’s fun relationship. It showed the cast’s friendship and pleasure on “Baywatch,” where they joked around. Fans liked this prank because it demonstrated that serious actors can have fun. 


Phun Celebrity show the lighter side of their typically serious life. These pranks, from George Clooney’s grandiose plans to Ellen DeGeneres’ office, scare, delight, and humanize our idols. Despite their fame and money, celebrities love fun and mischief like everyone else. This article features famous entertainers’ funniest and most memorable pranks. These pranks will make you laugh, whether you like practical jokes or seeing celebrities in a new light.

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