Sonny Angel Hippers: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide is your ultimate companion to the whimsical and adorable world of Sonny Angel. From their humble beginnings to becoming a global phenomenon, this guide offers an in-depth exploration of everything you need to know about Sonny Angel Hoppers. Whether you’re a dedicated collector, a curious enthusiast, or someone just discovering the charm of Sonny Angel, this comprehensive guide promises to delight and inform. Discover the fascinating history behind Sonny Angel Hippers, learn about the different series and designs, and uncover tips and tricks for starting, organizing, and expanding your collection. With stunning visuals, detailed descriptions, and insider information, this guide is the perfect resource for anyone looking to dive into the delightful universe of Sonny Hoppers.

What are Sonny Angel Hippers?

Explore the origins of Sonny Angel Hoppers.

Sonny Angels, often called Sonny Angels, are miniature collectible figures originating in Japan. Created by the Japanese company Dreams Inc., Sonny Angels first appeared in 2005 and has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Artist and designer Kentaro Yama initially conceived of these adorable little figures as part of the Sonny Angel series. Still, they have since evolved into a beloved collectible line.

The Concept Behind Sonny Angel

The charm of Sonny Angel Hippers lies in their simplicity and diversity. Each figure features a unique design, typically depicting a baby angel with a characteristic cherubic face and tiny wings. However, what sets Sonny Hippers apart are their unique and quirky costumes, also known as hoppers. Sonny Angels come in various designs, from fruits and vegetables to animals and mythical creatures, making them highly collectible and endlessly charming.

Why is Sonny Angel so popular?

Collectibles are alluring.

Collecting Sonny Angel is more than just a hobby; it’s a passion for many enthusiasts worldwide. There are several reasons why these miniature figures have captured the hearts of so many:

Quirky and adorable designs

Sonny Angel Hippers’ irresistibly cute and quirky designs are one of their main draws. Each meticulously designed figure, whether a tiny angel dressed as a strawberry, a panda, or even a superhero, evokes a sense of joy and whimsy.


With the regular release of new series and limited editions, collecting Sonny Hippers is a never-ending adventure. For collectors, part of the excitement lies in hunting down rare and elusive figures to complete their collections.


Sonny Angel Hippers are relatively affordable compared to many other collectibles, making them accessible to a wide range of collectors, from seasoned enthusiasts to casual fans.


Whether displayed individually or as part of a larger collection, Sonny Hippers adds a touch of charm to any space. Their small size makes them perfect for desks, shelves, or even as adorable cake toppers for special occasions.

The Sonny Angel Hippers Collection

Exploring the Range: Different Series and Themes

The sheer variety of designs and themes available makes Sonny Angel Hippers so appealing to collectors. While the classic Sonny Angel series features a range of adorable baby angels, the Hoppers series takes things a step further with its unique costumes and characters.

The classic Sonny Angel series

The classic Sonny Angel series features a variety of baby angel figures, each with its distinct personality and charm. From traditional angels with wings to more playful designs like animals and fruits, the classic series offers something for every collector.

Sonny Angel Hippers Series

The Hiopers series is where Sonny Angel truly shines. With its focus on quirky costumes and characters, the Hippers series takes the concept of Sonny’s Angels to a new level. From fruits and vegetables to animals, mythical creatures, and even food items, the Hippers series offers an endless array of adorable designs to collect and enjoy.

Rare and Limited Edition Sonny Angel Hippers: A Collector’s Dream

For serious collectors, part of the thrill of collecting Sonny Hippers lies in hunting down rare and limited-edition figures. From exclusive releases to special collaborations, there are always new and exciting Sonny Angel to add to your collection.

Exclusive Releases

Exclusive releases are special editions of Sonny Angel Hippers that are only available for a limited time or through specific retailers. These figures often feature unique designs or themes and are highly sought-after by collectors.


Angel Hippers has collaborated with various brands and artists to create unique and collectable figures. From popular characters to iconic brands, these collaborations offer collectors a chance to own a piece of pop culture history.

How to Start Your Sonny Angel Hipper Collection

Tips for New Collectors: Where to Find Sonny Angel Hippers

Starting a Sonny Hippers collection is easy and fun but can also be overwhelming for newcomers. Here are some tips to get you started:


Before you start collecting Sonny Angel, take some time to research the different series, themes, and designs available. This will help you narrow down your focus and make collecting more enjoyable.

Start Small

With so many designs, trying and collecting them all at once can be tempting. However, starting small and focusing on a specific series or theme will make collecting more manageable and enjoyable.

Join online communities.

Joining online communities and forums is a great way to connect with other Sonny Angel Hippers collectors, share your collection, and learn more about upcoming releases and events.

Displaying Your Collection: Creative Ideas and Inspiration

Once you’ve started your Sonny Angel Hippers collection, you’ll need a way to display and showcase your figures. Here are some creative ideas to help you show off your collection in style:

Display Shelves

Display shelves are popular for Sonny Angel collectors, as they allow you to showcase your figures while keeping them organized and protected.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are another great way to display your Sonny Angel collection. These enclosed display cases are perfect for protecting your figures from dust and damage while allowing you to enjoy them.

Themed Displays

Consider creating themed displays for your Sonny Angel Hippers collection for extra creativity. Whether it’s a seasonal theme, a specific series, or a particular colour scheme, themed displays are a fun and unique way to showcase your collection.

The Community Around Sonny Angel Hippers

One of the best things about collecting Sonny Angel is the sense of community it brings. There are countless online communities and forums where collectors can connect, share their collections, and discuss Sonny Angel Hoppers.

Online Communities

From Facebook groups to dedicated forums and websites, there are countless online communities where Sonny Angel Hippers collectors can connect and share their passion for these adorable figures.

Meetups and Events

In addition to online communities, many Sonny Angel Hippers collectors organize meetups and events to meet fellow collectors, buy, sell, trade figures, and participate in fun activities and games.

The Future of Sonny Angel Hippers

New Releases and Future Plans: What to Expect

With their enduring popularity and widespread appeal, it’s safe to say that Sonny Angel Hippers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The future looks brighter than ever for these adorable little figures, with new releases and exciting collaborations on the horizon.

New Series and Themes

Dreams Inc. releases new Sonny Angel Hippers series and themes regularly, ensuring collectors always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Collaborations and special releases

In addition to new series and themes, Sonny Angel Hippers regularly collaborates with brands and artists to create unique and collectable figures. From popular characters to iconic brands, these collaborations offer collectors a chance to own a piece of pop culture history.


Sonny Angel Hippers are more than just collectable figures; they’re a cultural phenomenon that has captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. With their adorable designs, quirky costumes, and endless charm, Sonny Angel is a must-have for collectors. Whether you’re just starting your collection or adding to an existing one, Angel Hippers will surely bring joy and delight for years.


1. What is Sonny Angel?

The Sonny Hippers are miniature collectible figures that originated in Japan. Dreams Inc., a Japanese company, created the Sonny Angel, which is part of the larger Sonny Angel series but stands out for its quirky costumes, which are known as hoppers.

2. How big are Sonny Angel Hippers?

Sonny Angels are typically around 7.5 cm (3 inches) tall, making them perfect for display on desks, shelves, or any other small space.

3. How many different designs of Sonny Angel shippers are there?

Sonny Angel Hippers comes in many designs, regularly releasing new series and themes. Sonny Angel has various designs to suit every taste, from fruits and vegetables to animals, mythical creatures, and even food items.

4. Is there a limited edition of Sonny Angel Hippers?

While some Sonny Angel are limited edition releases, not all are. However, even the non-limited edition figures can become rare and highly sought after by collectors.

5. Where can I buy Sonny Angel?

Sonny Angel is available for purchase from various online and offline retailers. Some popular places to buy Sonny Angel shippers include speciality toy stores, online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and the official Sonny Angel website.

6. How much does Sonny Angel Hippers cost?

The cost of Angel Hippers can vary depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and where you purchase them. On average, individual Sonny Hippers typically range in price from $10 to $20, although rare and limited edition figures can sometimes sell for much more.

7. Are Sonny Angel Hippers suitable for children?

Despite their cute and whimsical design, children should not use Sonny Angel Hippers as toys. Due to their small size and delicate nature, Sonny Angel is better suited for older children and adult collectors.

8. How should I display my Sonny AngelHippers collection?

There are many creative ways to display your Angel Hippers collection, from simple shelves to themed displays. Some popular options include display shelves, shadow boxes, and themed displays based on series, themes, or colours.

9. Are there online communities or forums for Sonny Hippers collectors?

Yes, there are several online communities and forums where Sonny Angel Hippers collectors can connect, share their collections, and discuss all things SonnyAngel. Some popular options include Facebook groups, dedicated forums, and the official Sonny Angel website.

10. What does the future hold for Sonny Angel Hippers?

With their enduring popularity and widespread appeal, the future looks bright for Sonny Angel Hoppers. Dreams, Inc. releases new series and themes regularly, ensuring that collectors always have something new and exciting to look forward to. Collaborations with brands and artists allow collectors to own unique and collectable figures for years.

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